Hinged Belt Chip Conveyors

Special heavy designs of hinged belt chip conveyors are available on request. Our systems are based on the most advanced technology available today for manufacturing the same item.

These are the most versatile conveyors which can handle any kinds of chips that are specially and robustly designed keeping in mind the hazards that are normally encountered during handling heavy swarfs. The completely enclosed construction makes these conveyors ideal to transport small parts as well.

The offered conveyors are manufactured in 3 different pitches of hinged belt of 38.1 mm. 63.5mm. and 101.6 mm, width range of 100mm. to 1200mm. Special heavy designs are available on request. Conveyors up to 5 meter length are available in single segmented and bigger sizes are manufactured in multiple segments. Types of Hinged Belt chip Conveyors are as follow:

1. Horizontal or straight
2. Inclined straight
3. Bend Typ

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