Magnetic Chip Conveyor

We bring out for you our finest quality Magnetic Chip Conveyors that are used to convey ferrous materials like small parts, turning chips, etc. These are most versatile conveyors you have ever used.

The offered magnetic chip conveyors are designed to convey ferrous materials like small parts, stemping, turning chips, etc. The conveyor mechanism in this system is completely an enclosed construction. Also it has no external moving parts that get jammed & break. These conveyors are given out in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on the volume of material to be handled and working conditions. Following details are given in order to offer the most suitable types of conveyors: –

Volume of the material to be conveyed in kgm.min or tons/hour
A sample of drawing of the part to be conveyed
The type & the size of conveyor which you feel fit your requirement

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